Janet Sarkos

carolina aramburo
Carolina Aramburo
March 19, 2019
Janet Sarkos Mental Health

Janet Sarkos Mental Health

Janet Sarkos was initially appointed to the position of Interim Executive Director of Caring Contact crisis hotline in 2016 and was hired as Executive Director in February 2017. At Caring Contact, they answer a local warm-line and are the primary responder for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in north-central New Jersey and a back-up center for the Veterans Crisis Line.  She began her relationship with Caring Contact in 2014 as a volunteer listener with training class 86 and continues to volunteer on the hotline in addition to performing her duties as executive director. In her role as a listener, she has worked 427 hours on the hotline and has spoken with well over 1000 people in emotional distress. Janet is completing her sixth and final year as a trustee of The Westfield Foundation and has served on the executive committee as President for the past two years. She holds both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from the University of Michigan.


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